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My new favorite snack on the planet is a Quest Bar! I love the Peanut Butter...and the Chocolate Brownie...and the Lemon Bar, etc.! I have not tried one that I did not like.

HOWEVER!!!!! I have found a new FAVORITE! This is not good...this is amazing!

It is called Cookies & Cream and it is Rockstar Status!!!!

Completely amazing! I like this MORE than eating a handful of Oreos!!! They are truly that amazing!

YUM! YUM! YUM! Work snack time is my favorite time of day now!

Seriously, you need to try one of these!!! This is not a paid endorsement but if someone from Quest sees this and chooses to send me a BUNCH of these I will gladly give you my address for shipping!!!  

Get yours quickly as I may or may not have already bought out the entire stock!!!!

Happy eating ya'll!!!

Brody is Four?!?!

What an amazing weekend I had!!!! I ran up to my parents house on the lake on Friday night and noticed that it is finally starting to THAW!! Yea! Spring in definitely on the way!!! Here is a shot of the back yard leading to the lake! Soooo ready for Winter to take a hike!!!

Here is a shot of a lonely swan swimming around fishing! She was in this little melted patch in the ice just swimming around and around ducking her head under and fishing while she swam. It was so calm and peaceful to watch! Love the lake and the its wildlife!! 

Picked up and envelope of a bunch of things my parents saved all these years for and report cards, etc. I found this little gem tucked in there -  I think this one was from 3rd grade! LOL!!! This was pretty much like every report card...there was a theme! HA

 I packed up a bunch of healthy snacks on Saturday morning and headed out for a weekend in Columbus! I went to visit family and celebrate two very special people - my niece and nephew both …

Hott Spot Extreme Wellness

And the jury is in...

Hot Yoga is amazing! 

I wanted to get a lot of pictures to go with this post however, cameras are not allowed in the studio so that idea was nixed quickly.

And, no, this is not me pictured below but it is the amazing studio I went to last night!

We went to The Hott Spot Extreme Wellness last night for a Hot Yoga class! Some friends and I all received a free class pass and went last night to check it out - I am now hooked!! I loved it so much!!!

The classes are 75 to 90 minutes long and up to 95 degrees in the studio. It was so relaxing and felt amazing!

If you plan to attend one and have never gone before here are some tips...

1. Bring your own mat. They rent mats where I went but that is a little gross to imagine once you stay through a class. Your mat will be SOAKED with sweat and just the thought of renting a mat that someone had previously drenched with their own sweat (that has since dried) is a little gross...LOL!

2. Bring a BIG towel. You will use this to lay on y…

My Baby Done Left...

Happy Tuesday!

The man is out of town for another week and I am already bored with myself! I ended up at the gym for two hours last night (1 hour of jogging on the treadmill and 1 hour of spin class) and then stopped by tanning to kill more time! HA! I miss my darling! :-(

This week will be a great opportunity to spend lots of time with friends though so I have many fun plans that will hopefully make it into posts this week! Yoga tonight, a mid afternoon tea on Thursday, etc.

I am on Day 14 of the Advocare 24 Day challenge and it is going well.  I had one cheat day where I ate milk chocolate and pizaa. If your going to cheat, do it right, right?!?!?!

Tonight I am trying out hot yoga for the first time ever at this place called The Hott Spot! I may just die! I have a hard enough time doing regular yoga so hot yoga may just put me over the edge! We shall see! I am following instructions and drinking lots of water today so maybe I will be okay -HA! I am more excited than anything because I a…

My 2nd 24 Day Challenge

Wow! It has been a long time since I posted!

I have really just been enjoying the new man and spending as much time wiht him as possible.

We hit the gym together and go to dinners and watch hockey games...Life is Good!!!

I am so happy to report that I am falling in love with someone that has been a very good friend for years and I am lucky to say that he has also become my very BEST friend over the past couple months!

But...along with happiness comes shared desserts after dinner...skipping the gym days....and romantic dinners with lots of yummy food! So, I stopped losing weight AGAIN!!!

It's all good...I did not gain but I was not losing and I am so close to goal that I could just NOT let that happen!! Also, the new man has a house with a pool in Florida and my parents live on a lake which means he is, eventually, going to see me in a suit! Sooooooo...back on track time!!!

I started another round of Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  It really worked well the last time and it is easy to stick …