Weekend Replay

I am starting off with something very important to me this morning...click HERE to help a young woman save the life of a stray cat that just needs a break in life.  Even if you can only give a dollar, that would seriously help out! I promise this is legit...I know this young lady personally.

Now, after that commercial, I will recap my weekend for you!  Friday night I went to dinner here with one of my favorite people on the planet...Rose. We ate at the legendary Burgh's and it was awesome! I got Cajun rubbed baked fish - it was so yummy!!!

Here is a pic of us hanging out waiting for our food...I am on the left- Icky picture!


Then we went to the Meadowland Casino in Washington, PA. It is really close to my house so we popped down for a little fun! We were cracking up when we saw this machine...so I made Rose pose for me -  "Dam Lumberjack Beavers" LOL


This is my long run from Saturday - it did not feel as bad as I was expecting...LOL! Training is going very well and I am also losing weight again!!!! YEA me!!!

This is my awesome food plant from two of my nieces and nephews at work...in this photo she is Brussel Sprout Betty....LOL.

 This is my morning smoothie - yes, EVERY morning....consistently....yummy and healthy. This is obviously pre-grind.


And this is my lunch all week and probably a few dinners...I made soup with chicken stock, chicken breast, mushroom, celery, carrots, onion, kale, farro and red lentils.  YUM!!!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend also!! Have a great week!!


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