5 on Friday

I LOVE Fridays!!! Not just because it is the end of the work week but because it is ALSO my day off for training (NO EXERCISE AT ALL!) and because it means that is time for 5 on Friday!!

I am linking up with ALL of our lovely hosts listed in the logo above to show you my 5 on Friday!!

Today I have my favorite 5 things at my desk at work!! This is only pertinent because I can actually smile again in my cubicle - work life is back on track!!! YEA ME!

ONE:  My favorite plant! I got this little guy about a year ago and it is turning into a hedge! It grows amazing and it soo pretty!!! It is the "Exotic Angel" brand from Lowe's! They are AMAZING plants and sooo easy to care for! Love every plant I have ever purchased from this company. You can get them at Lowe's ;-) You will thank me!

TWO:  These are my guardian minions! I LOVE these little guys! A girl I work with gave these to me - she was collecting them from McDonald's and these are her doubles. HEE HEE - sooo cute!!

THREE:  This is my beach! This is a gift from my nieces and nephews and it is awesome! I can always be at the beach no matter what day of the week!!! Aside from the day I came in to find that my co-worker buried her in the sand and put the bucket on her head - it is pretty relaxing!

FOUR:  My adorable valentine lights! These look awesome at 6AM before it is light out when I am in the office early!! So festive!

FIVE:  My french press! From an ex-co worker that I love dearly - my bestie from FAAAAAAR away Mariela! She rocks!!! It saves me walking to the coffee room so much! I drink a lot of coffee and this is three cups in one! YIPPEE!

Also, on a side note, if you saw my post yesterday regarding working out like crazy and not losing - the issue was that I was eating a ton by picking here and there all day and by eating after working out at night.  I did not let myself eat after dinner and I did not sneak little bites here and there all day (and tracked everything in my BodyMedia app) and the weight is already going in the right direction!!! Go me!!! Now, I just HAVE to stick to it!!!

I am enjoying the day off today from ALL exercise and tomorrow I have a long run (8 miles). I am hoping to conquer it outside on the trail and not have to stay on the boring treadmill!! Lets hope Pittsburgh weather cooperates!! 


 I hope yinz all have an amazing weekend!


  1. I hope your 8 mile run went good! I have mine this weekend!!!


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