A day in the life...

The following three pictures sum up my day yesterday.

The company sent me these books to prepare for my leadership  class at Gettysburg next month...so excited for that!

And this is a picture from the packed full Yukon (company van) we used to pick up popcorn yesterday for Employee Appreciation.  We had popcorn in each of our lobbies as appreciation for the employees.  It was a total of 18 bags of popcorn!  There was caramel, cheeses and white chocolate drizzled on kettle (the green one). They were delish!!!!!!!!

And finally, I got to go to dinner at Baywood. It is my companies version of a corporate country club.  It is beautiful there and I had amazing food and hung out with an amazing bunch of people.  We had smoked duck and fig appetizers, seltzer water with lime and prime rib...nothing better!  What a great way to end your day! 

Hope everyone elses week is going well!!!


  1. oh man that's a lot of popcorn!

    Side note, whenever I comment on your blog I get a notice from my email saying it was undeliverable. Weird huh?


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