Saved by the bloggers

Blogging this year saved Valentines Day!!!
Normally I have a great post about my Valentine but this year I no longer have one so I was prepared for a sad and depressing heart day...
But, instead, I have an awesome gift and post - YEAH!!!
So, I got home yesterday and found this at my door is my swap gift from Kelly at KellyisLosingWeight.

Here is my awesome package...

Of course YUM and it is Dark Chocolate so it definitely fits the bill of "good for you"!!!

And my!!!!!!!! I love and live off of coffee!!!! Never tried this so I am way excited - my sister says that Dunkin is "THE BEST"!!!!!

And another fav - seriously!!!! I love Starbucks and Sumatra is the ultimate!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!

And finally, this little gem!!! I love lemon and this is the tartest and best smelling lemon ever!!! A new fav!!!

Thank you soooooooooooo much Kelly!!! I could not have gone out and shopped for myself and did any better!!!!!!!!

It was soooo nice to get a package also! I hope you enjoyed your swap gifts as well!!!

I love new bloggy friends!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a great gift!

    I hope your Dad improves soon. THinking of you!

  2. That's some great Valentine's gifts :)

  3. Sweet gift, and perfect day to arrive! Hope your dad is on the mend!

  4. I am so happy you loved your gifts! Loved what you got me too! :-)

  5. Kelly is one of my best friends, and I knew you'd love the package that she put together! Yay!

    And I'm so glad that she turned a frown upside down...:)

  6. Where oh where has my annster friend gone??


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