Monday - Day One of Class

Well, here it is Day One of class in Tempe!! Today was a long day of reviewing what we did the last time we were here and a lot of new stats lessons.

After that I was ready for a chill night!

Since I am participating in a blogger Valentine Swap, I needed to do some shopping (what an excuse, hugh?) so I decided to make it a "mall night". There are soooooooo many malls around Tempe I was trying to decide whch to try and a classmate offered to come with me for the exploration night!

My classmate Michael and I went the following malls....

Arizona Mills Mall

Tempe Marketplace

Scottsdale Fashion Square

By far....our favorite was the Fashion Square! It was way larger and then selection was more upscale and normal stores (less stores like Hot Topic or knockoff sunglass sellers, etc.) They had everything there and it was soo clean and pretty!!!! Also, we got dinner at Pita Jungle and it was great for fast food!!! Soo yummy and fresh and resasonable!!!

Tomorrow will be the class excursion (we are going to rent bikes and do some offroad know there will be lots of pics...hopefully a scorpion or snake also!)

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. That's so nice you get to travel like that for work! It's like a vacation and working at the same time!


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