A relaxing Sunday

I spent a relaxing Sunday in Columbus with family the morning after the wedding. We ran to Costco before the Steeler game and this is the carride there....

Here is Brody - my nephew...

And Madely my niece in the car...

Another Madelyn

And another - we were in the car for awhile - HA HA!!!

Back at my sisters for the gam eand the kids got a quick bike ride in...that is Ali my niece on the left...

And Ryan and Kyleigh here...

This is the one minute pose - she needed to go find her helmet

And this is my drive home....the sky looked awesome!!!!

Isn't the sky amazing - my cell phone camera did not do it justice...it was soooooo blue and fluffy and bright!!!

After DC and the wedding it was soooo nice to get home and relax Sunday night!!! A hang out with the fur babies!!!! Here is just one of the arrangements I made with the flowers I got from the wedding...there are three others at home....this is the one that I brought to work to enjoy!!! :-)

Hope you all have an amazing day!!!! It is, after all, the hump day!!!!


  1. Those are some ADORABLE kiddos! Looks like a great time!

    Sooo excited for Swapoween!


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