And Two Become One

Someday I will get caught up on these posts and they will be current -HA!!! Too much going on lately...

On Saturday Michelle and Tyler became Mr.and Mrs. Amos!!!

This is my beautiful cousin that got married this past Saturday in Columbus...

Before the ceremony...

Mr. and Mrs. Amos

First dance at the reception

Lower centerpieces...

High centerpieces...either a high or a low was at every table - these flowers were amazing!!! I took a high one home and turned it into four separate centerpieces...beautiful!!!

The cake - YUM!!!! Spice cake!

My borther and sister in law posing...

Mom and Dad!!!

My Uncle Tim (birdes father) and two of his grandson's...

After their first dance....

Cutting the cake

Father/daughter dance

Another angle

Sister in law singing to my brother while they dance - scary hugh???? She was hilarious!

This is the brides cousin, Yamilet, dancing with the flower girl (the brides niece Ryleigh) - loved this picture!!!

This is my dad and mom dancing the anniversary dance...they say sit down if you have been married less than 1 year...sit down if you have been married less than 5 years - etc....last couple dancing wins...guess what?!?!?!?

Dad and Mom won!!! They celebrated 46 years together this September and they were married longest of an other couple there!!! I am sooo proud of who they are and the example they set for me EVERYDAY!!! I love you both sooo much!!!

All in all, it was an amazing wedding and it was sooooooo nice to see how in love they are - they are a perfect match and I hope they remain happily together for all time!!

Thanks for inviting me to your special day!! It was fabulous!!!

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Amos!!!!!


  1. They did that anniversary dance at a wedding we went to about 2 years ago. We were one of the last couples up there and I think we had 16 or 17 years at that time. Kind of sad!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding dress and beautiful cake!


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