Hodge Podge of Halloweeny Stuff and 1 Mean Driver

This is a post of my weekend stuff!!!

This is my outside decor as it currently stands...I may be adding a TON of lights at some point in time once I get shopping time!!!

This is an awesome Halloween gift that my neighbor brought me - she is soooooo sweet - thanks Krissy!! (And no, this is not the neighbor that is nasty...they are different and VERY mean people!!!) Krissy is a sweetheart!!!

And these two pumpkins were also from Krissy - they light up and change colors - AWESOME Halloweenyness!!!

This is the backside of a VERY VERY mean driver that CUT me off in traffic over the weekend!!! I get SO very frustrated with people that drive with no concern for others!!!! If you see this car - RUN or DRIVE the other way!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my sis's family pretending to be a gaggle of ghosts!! HA! Scary hugh??? We went to the pumpkin festival Saturday morning before they left the kids with me for the rest of the day while they went to a wedding...

Steve and the kids being pumpkins...

A honeybear!!!!!!

And a two-headed honeybear!!

I was babysitting my nieces and nephew and we spent the entire day going from park to park as it was soooooooooooo nice out!!!! Funny story...spun the kids sooo much on the tire swings (they were asking for it) that Ali barfed (hot pink bubblegun colored barf) not good- I know! Note to self: Make an adult decison to stop spinning the kids - never listen when the kids say "I wont puke"! HA!!! Still the cutest kids on the planet (along with my other sister and brothers kids) - little biased I know!!!!

Happy Monday Yinz!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I want to borrow your sweet neighbor! My neighbors don't buy me cute Halloween stuff!

    Stupid drivers. They drive me to drink!

    Your nieces and nephew are adorable!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! My son and my nephew did that in the office chair I had lol. They still thought it was funny!


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