A new place to lay...

This is my new bed this is going to be delivered Saturday morning...yeah!!!
This is my new dresser that was delivered last week...yeah!!!!!!!!!

This is my new comforter that was delivered last week...yeah!!!!!!!!!

And this is Bella from Twilight series sleeping on my comforter....did not buy this because of this but I think it is cool anyway :-) yeah!!!!!

And finally this is my new lamp that PERFECTLY matches the confirter set that I bought today....yeah!!!!!!!!

OKAY - NOW BACK TO WORK to pay for al this new AWESOME stuff!!!!
After the bed is delivered this weekend...I will post pictures of everything together in the room - yippee!!!


  1. How exciting! We really need a new mattress and I've been talking up a smaller bed to dh. We have a cal king, which is the biggest bed you can get and it's like we are on a whole 'nother planted lol. Him on his and me on mine.


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