Happy St. Patty's Day!

We are having an Employee Appreciation Day here at my company in Pittsburgh and it is the St. patty's theme!!!

I ordered everything and got it all organized this time - it has been soooo fun spending money on the CORPORATE card and not mine - LOL!!!

I did a desk drop-off of Sarris chocolates (the BEST chocolate in the WORLD) this am so everyone had both of these on their desk this AM when they got to work...

It took me three 1/2 hours last night before I went to the gym...we have over 400 employees here in my building alone!!

Then today we are having Popcorn from the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company....YUM!!! Caramel, Green Kettle and Cheese!!!! yippee!!!!

Happy Patty's Day to you all - I wish you could be here to share in our yumminess!!!


  1. Wow that's so nice! 400 employees, dang that's a lot!!


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