Completely Miscellaneous Pictures

I am a picture taker at heart!
There are sooo many instances that I say to myself "I need to get a picture of that" and then I grab my phone camera as I always have it with me.
Then the pictures just sit and sit and sit on the camera phone.
So I am emptying a few of them today and here they are for your no order at all....

How cool is this??!??!? I think I had a picture like this from last year! I run (jog - LOL!) on the Montour Trail. It is a trail made where old railroad tracks used to run and there are many cool bridges and tunnels to run through. This is is always full of ice at the beginning of spring and it feels sooooo good to run through as it is soooo cool!!!! This is the entrance.....

This was the exit - needless to say, this was where I turned around for this days luck I would have slipped and hit my head and no one would have found me until....well, you get it! Ha!

This is my sweet Angelica....I took a nap the other day and woke up to find this....she is SOUND asleep on my hand with her paw gently laying in my was sooo hard to have to move her!!!! Love this little baby!!!

This was the machine after my workout my first time back in the gym after a long break....walk/ fun fun!!!!!!!!!
This was YESTERDAY after work...driving home and we were hit with hail....I pulled over under a bridge as it was sooo hard and loud I thought it was denting my car....turns out when I watched the news last night - this hail was little compared to what other areas in Pgh got.....scarrrrrrry stuff guys!!!!!!!

Another shot of the hail...the average was like dime sized and they were pelting from the sky...other areas got golfball sized....was feeling grateful after that!

This is my new favorite snack but they are wayyyyyyyyyyyy expensive...there are about three and 1/2 servings in this box for $3.50

Then I found these (via the taste testers) at Costco....17 servings in this bag for $6.00...pretty much the same thing....I will buy the pop chips - thank you very much!!! HA!

And pets!!!!!!!!!! The death of my betta fish affected me on so many levels....I felt guilty and kept thinking maybe I changed the water too much....maybe he needed a heater....maybe he needed a filter...anyway.....I decided to try again with a new tank and fishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got eight so plants....and new big aquarium with heater and filter. The Petco girl was amazing and soooo helpful!!!!!!!!! She hooked me up with the right fish (2 males to 6 females-andf taught me how to tell the difference) the right plants, the right rocks, etc......loved her and I think my fishes love me!!!!!!!!!! Now I just have to work on names for all eight before they start having babies and I get behind!!!

And another shot - love these little guys already!!!


  1. I love picture shots. Such a fun way to capture life memories. The tunnel one is awesome. Oh, and the beta fish dying? I hear ya. I feel so bad about that type of stuff too.
    The chips look yummy, especially the more inexpensive ones! The Special K ones? You are paying for the name!

  2. My cat Sydney is like that. Always has to be touching me. So cute :)


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