Baby "Sprinkle"

I cannot believe I did not get these posted before this....WOWSA!

Here are the pictures from my SIL Sara's baby "sprinkle"...which is a party to show your love for a couples second child (that is how it was described to me) that was held in Columbus a few weeks ago - LOL!!!!

They held it at Panera in a group room and it was great - we had bagels, fruit and of course awesome is all fabulous - hosted by Sara's sister and mother! Great job guys - it was awesome!

Suprisingly, it took me sooo long to post this and HE (I will say he as he was about 5 hours old when "his parents" FINALLY named him) is already here....but, that's okay.

I will post this today and tomorrow I will post pictures from last weekend when I actually got to meet him!! Yeah!!!!!!

In the car on the way to the "sprinkle"!!! Ali is sooo excited - can you tell?!?!?!

This is Jordan and Jessica cheesing it up in the car and Kyleigh turned backwards I think bothering either her brother or sister in the backseat...LOL!

This is my SIL Sara and her dad comparing bellies the night before the shower...interesting, hugh??? HA

This is SIL Sara posing with her gifts.....yippee!

My family at "our table"

Sara opening gifts...

Sara's family and friends and table

Ali and Jessica

My familia - are they not gorgeous?!?!?!

Jessica and Ali

and again...

and again...

Sara and Jordan gettin' their hug on!!!


  1. She's definitely one that carries it all out front! My friend at work was like that. I was always like here sit down! Please! lol


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