Pittsburgh's Goin to the Superbowl!!!

I LOVE my city!!!!
For anyone who did not yet hear...we won last night!!! YIPPEE - and now the Steelers are off the the Superbowl!!!
Pittsburgh is such a great and amazing city - I am sooo proud of my hometown and would not choose to live anywhere else (except maybe a carribean beach - LOL!!!!)
I did not partake of all the adventure shown in the photos here; I actually watched the game in the warmth of my condo with Waliacha on the TV...we waved towels and ate and had a great time cheering on our fav team!!!!
I just love our fans and city and had to post all of the following.....sooooo please....help cheer up on to win the Superbowl - go Stillers - n at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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