Memorial Day - seriously?!?!?!??

I cant believe I never did my memorial day post!!
Wow!! I have been a crappy blogger!!!
Here they all - all the pics in their glory
I am having major issues with blogger today so I just going to throw them all up here and try to work from there - bear with me - thanks!!!!!!

Here is Waliacha (Walt) the lovvvvvveee of my life with his fish! He never fished before and he is so funny - he loves it now!!!!!!!!!!
This is my little brother Matt and his wife Sara with their new daughter Madelyn!! This is one of the first of many boat rides for Madelyn!

Kyleigh chillin' on the pontoon boat


And another...

And another with Memaw...

Memaw and Kyleigh and Ali playing on the beach...notice no Ryan (he HATES the water)...hopefully this will change...

And another...
Waliacha dancing on the pontoon....not sure why but aint life grand when you are simply happy!!!!

Kyleigh on the boat again...

Poppy driving...

Ali swingin'

Uncle Matt and Madelyn
Steve, Susie and Kyleigh...jetskiing together!!!!

And another closer...


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