Lack of posting....Throat Spray!!

Sorry for lack of posting lately...

For the past week and a half I have been living off of my new best friend Cepacol spray.

It is just like that Chloraseptic your momma used to give you (well, at least my momma used to give me) only it is a travel size....WOO HOO!!! Today is the first day it does not hurt at all!!!


Only problem with that is now my neck is sore - LOL!!! Seriously. I am falling apart at this ripe young age of 30 (also Ha-ha).

I think I pulled something at the class on Tuesday at the gym. I took last night off so we shall see how it goes tonight...I have Core Explosion with George and Body Pump with Amy.

I will keep you posted.

PS - New pic of me and Wally from before we went to Mindy's dad's funeral...sad but since we were dressed up and all.
Take care - more updates soon!


  1. Ann, Cepacol was introduced around 1956-57, and they were sending samples EVERYWHERE. Good stuff. I used to drink it, when morning produced nothing but empty vodka bottles. (Found out it was also good for sore throat -grin!)

    BTW, I feel GREAT at the rip 'old age' of 75 (May 25 will br 76...all thanks to AA, BELIEVE me!)

    NOTE: Some people I know need "Core Ex. and Body Pump" a lot more than you--from that photo.


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