Wally's lead....

The lead Friday night went really well....Walt looked stunningly handsome in his newly tailored suit and did a great and honest job with his lead. Afterwards everyone went out to Pizzaz for a little dinner and conversation (a great end to a great night!).

This weekend Dad and Walt finally put the rocks back on the wall that Dad had fixed last year...it looked great when they were done.....

I apologize for not posting before this but little innocent Kyleigh (seen below).....

is not as innocent as you would think. :-) It's amazing how a little innocent and adorable little thing can carry such horrid bugs around....so we all had a little flu Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Actually, I guess either me, Kyleigh or Mom could have given it to the others so it may not even be Kyleigh's fault this time! I will DEFINITELY get my flu shot for Thanksgiving! LOL


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