Trim Down Tuesday #2

Hi everyone!!! I hope you will all join me today for this week's Trim Down Tuesday! I really need to get my weight under control and I hope this will help me stay accountable and lose this weight once and for all!! Just add your post to the link below!! Please?!?

Just a reminder why I am doing this...I have a couple pictures from this past weekend that I swore I was not going to post but I am on this post! I want to keep accountable and real so here we go...UGH!

This picture is me on the front of the paddle board and my Mom on the back with the hat on! Look how big I am?!?!?

 And this is from my 50th party last weekend! I am on the right and largest of all four of us! UGH!!!

I know this is all from traveling and expense accounts and living a life not caring about how I look but now I care! UGH!!

So - I will keep it real here and hopefully start heading in the right direction!

This is my second week!!! My starting weight last Tuesday was 226.6 - UGH!! This mornings weight as I wri…

Whirlwind weekend!!

Hi guys - Happy Monday to everyone out there! I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!

Mine was quite a whirlwind of a weekend! I had such a great time I do not know where to start!

On Friday night, my sister came in to town from the Harrisburg area and we both went up to my parents house at their lake. We got up early Saturday and it was already 80 degrees so we went directly out to the lake to swim and play! The new paddle board got a workout! We also inherited a flamingo we found floating in the middle of the lake - it had escaped from someone and we were very happy to give it a home with us! LOL!

Me paddling...

My sis flamingoing...
Mommy paddling...
 A little collision...LOL!
 Sis paddling...
 On Saturday afternoon, my little sister and her kids came up to the lake and we all went to the town my parents were born (Uhrichsville, OH) and raised for a big 50th birthday bash for myself and three of my cousins. We all turn 50 this summer (my birthday was May and the others are in June,…

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.

Today I am thankful for really good friends! I have quite a few awesome ladies in my life that I am privileged to call some of my very best friends! I met Kathy at work about ten years ago and then met Carol through Kathy! We have volunteered for many CF events together and enjoyed each others company for many years! (From left to right below - me, Carol, Kathy)

Last night the three of us went to dinner at the Walnut Grill in Robinson Twp and it was fantastic! I got pictures of the food but not us!!! Ha! (That is why I used the picture above from when we went to Pirates game last year!)  Our waitress could have been better but the food and atmosphere was great! We had awesome weather last night in Pittsburgh so we sat on the outdoor patio. We had not been out for over a year due to my traveling for work so it was great to catch up with each other! LOVE these ladies!

You are supposed to use this l…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hi all!  It's Wednesday!!! You know what that means?!?!?  

It is time to join in with Joyce from This Side of the Pond for Wednesday Hodgepodge.  If you want to join in; just answer on your own blog, then hop back to Joyce's blog tomorrow to add your link to the party. I always love meeting new people and reading everyone's answers!!

1. What's something in your house you'd like to get rid of but can't?  Oh UGH! Don't remind me!! LOL! My carpet! I own a condo and I would love to replace my carpet!. My parents had their whole house done for around 5 thousand so I thought it would be reasonable for my little itty bitty condo but guess what???It was ridiculous!! My lowest quote was $3600!! WHAT?!?!? So disappointing! Then - my dishwasher broke so that sealed the deal for no new carpet!!  What I am going to do I start watching YOUTUBE videos and learn how to do hardwood or laminate myself!! Stay tuned!!!

2. When is the last time you experienced a sense of nostalg…

First EVER Trim Down Tuesday

Welcome to my humble little blog!!

After my weekend experience of my niece, very correctly, telling me I was fat; I have decided to start keeping myself accountable for this dang weigh loss journey.

So, with that said, I will be posting my weight each week for Trim Down Tuesday!! Hopefully it will keep moving downward!!

I also invite every one of you that is trying to be more healthy in ANY way to join me!! You can link any post you feel is related to keep yourself accountable also!!

I will start this first week by letting you know that I officially started Monday and so far so good!! My starting weight is 226.6 - UGH!! Oh well, hopefully I can start moving in the right direction!

Please join in if you are trying to get to a healthy weight or just link up if you have great tips and tricks for those of us that need them!!

 I look forward to reading your posts each week also!!

No More Amazon :-)

TODAY I cancelled my Amazon Prime!?!?!?!
Me to self..."You LOVE AMAZON!!!"
I really do or did!   Not so much anymore :-(
It was set to renew in a few days and they raised the price to $119/year! That is ridiculous to me! That is a lot of money for what I use my membership for! This is not a sponsored post I just want to make sure everyone is aware of the new choice I just found out about from a co-worker.

I only use Prime for the free two day shipping - nothing else!! I do not stream videos or shows with it or any of the other "odd" things that membership gives you.

Even with Prime it seems like lately that very few things are actually arriving in two days when they are supposed to!

HERE IS THE INFO I WANT TO SHARE: I just found out from a co-worker that Walmart had free 2 day shipping if you order $35 or more.  I priced my common purchases and Walmart is actually less than or equal to the price on Amazon. Time to give Walmart a try!!! Check out what …
Welcome to Friday!!!!
Today I am joining all the fun parties below...
The Peaceful Posse Amanda at Meet At The Barre
Erika at Little Bit of Everything Simply Sweet Home
High Five for Friday
5 on Friday The Blended Blog
My five things are the five things that I will be doing this weekend ...

ONE: Paddle boarding! Since I purchased a used paddle board I am obsessed! I cannot wait to get up to my parents house to paddle! I am getting more and more comfortable each time I ride! And I think it is a great ab workout! We broke the used paddle that came with the board already so I am also excited to use the new paddle I just got on Amazon.

TWO: Pontoon Parade! Every year we enter the annual Lake Mohawk Pontoon Parade on 4th of July celebration weekend! The lake decided to celebrate the weekend after rather than before so we are in for an awesome weekend! The pontoon parade is Friday night so we will spend the day Friday decorating the boat and floating in the lake! The kids love to decorate the pon…