Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend Update

I thought I should give you all a little recap of my weekend!

I got to spend my Friday night with this girl that I love so much! She is such an amazing person and I am honored to call her my friend!! We went to Houlihan's and I got the most amazing salad ever!!! YUM!!!

I spent the whole day here on Saturday! I got the spend the day at work in our cafeteria which we transformed into an under the sea adventure! We host a Halloween Party at my work every year for Variety Charity and the theme was Under The Sea!! This is such an amazing cause!! Check it out!!! This is a picture of the photo room below...

And this is the front doors that I personally decorated...this took A LOT of time!! HA

And these are the girls I was privileged to work with at the craft tables...I am the pink jellyfish!

This is my friend from work Kathy (the blue jellyfish) getting attacked by the shark (Stephan) who was also working the craft tables with us. LOL

This came on Saturday also!! My new yoga mat!! Soooooooo smushy!! Can not wait to try it out tonight!!! I got it on Amazon for under 20 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, I will leave you with a picture of my babies...sooooo stinkin cute!!!

PS - I had a little "encounter" on my way into work and it has totally shaken up my morning! I feel completely horrible and terribly off kilter now!  I am acknowledging it so that it is documented and NOT repeated!! That is all I have to say on it! LESSON LEARNED!!! I PROMISE!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

The 3rd Annual Pumpkin Swap Link-up

Hi everyone!!! I love a good swap and this one did not disappoint!!! My favorite part of swapping of getting to find new and exciting blogs to follow and new friends to be made! Also, the excitement of getting that awesome box in the mail does not hurt either!
I am joining with Kristen and Becky in their 3rd Annual Great Pumpkin Swap.

Here we goooooooo...

I was partnered with Becky (one of the swap organizers) and she did an awesome job with everything she sent me - it was a package full of joy and fun - not just for me but for my "family" too!!!

What an adorable Halloween card!!!!

This is everything together out of the box...

Gotta tell ya, I love that she included by babies and they do too!!! These are a big hit!!!! Literally - they run around all day just batting them around!!!

Everyone loves a cute Halloween sock, no?!?!?! These are adorable!!! I love the Peanuts!!!

My all time favorite candy!!! And also a SUPER huge bag full!!!!!!! Yummy and amazing!! I may, or may not, already be done eating this entire bag - scary I know!!!!!!!!!!!!

This baby was gone before the box was entirely opened!!!!!! AMAZING!! There is nothing on this planet that equals the love I have for peanut butter and chocolate!

This has been my romantic lighting for the past week while I ate dinner! Bonus...it smells amazing!!!!!!!

And last, but definitely not least, a casualty! Thanks to the good ole post office...this adorable travel mug was shattered before it safety arrived at my home :-(
It is so cute and my favorite color but alas...there was no saving it...
It is the thought that counts on this one though and I love it!!!

Thanks so much for all the hard work you did organizing this swap!! It rocked!! I hope you enjoyed your things as much as I enjoyed mine!!!

Cant wait until the 4th Annual and also cant wait to see the link up and see what everyone else got!!