Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Life and Experiences

WOW! It has been a long time since I have posted!!! I cannot believe that I last posted last year!!! It has been crazy and I will try to catch you up as much as possible and then I promise to post often!!

So, that opportunity I blogged about last year for work came through! I got my dream job!! I am a traveling trainer! Life has been so good and exciting and busy that I have not been able to blog.

I hope to step this up in the future because I have some seriously fun stuff to share with you.

So.....below is where I am working now!! I am with a major corporation and traveling back and forth each week from Pittsburgh, PA to South Bend, IN and I am loving every second of it!

This is about two miles from my companies location in Indiana.


This is a really cool Riverwalk that is in Mishawaka, Indiana. I go here a lot to walk and jog. There will be many more posts on this in the future

Even with the crazy travel schedule, I made it to Columbus to see my sister a few weekends to help with makeup for these little dancing girls. They joined a competition dance group and I was elected to do makeup!! WHOOP! How cute they are, right?

I also made it with my friends for a weekend getaway to Jacksons Mill, WVa!! It was an amazing weekend and I was able to totally refresh!! This is the obligatory "Jesus" photo.

Had a trip in June for the weekend to visit this adorable young man and attand his high school graduation!!! WHAT?!?! Crazy! He will be attending Juniata in the Fall!!! YEAH MATT!!!

One of my many beautiful sunset on the plane photos! The perks of traveling every week!! 

I had to put my sweet boy Kidrock to sleep in Feb. That was pretty horrible and these two (Nermal and Trouble) are now holding down the fort when I am away each week! Thank goodness I have AN AMAZING CAT SITTER!!!She is awesome!

I was also able to get in more than a few Saturdays at Mom and Dad's house on the lake! Sometimes I am only home one day but the view alone and family time is worth it! 

I was able to make the trip to my sisters in Harrisburg for a weekend to run the Hershey 10K also! We do it every year! I love it and the time it allows me to spend with her! Best big sister ever! 

This is a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan at St. Joe's. It is beautiful there! This is one of the many beaches I drive to each night I am away for work! Figure I better make the most of it! 

I also joined the local zoo. It was really reasonable and I figure now I can go there anytime for free! They let you get really close to the animals which I am not used to from the Pittsburgh zoo.

You are going to think I am nuts...my family did!!!! HA  I added two new additions to my family at home just a few weeks ago. Grace and Faith are sisters...they are 10 weeks old and everyone is getting along amazingly already! here is Nermal be a really sweet cat Dad!!!

And now to present time...Last weekend my friends pitbull was playing with this little bunny when we saw him, I ran over and grabbed it and drive it to the wildlife rescue. I am waiting to hear how he is.

I am going to try to blog at least a few times a week again! I have so much fun stuff to show you!

I will get started on the next one now!!! 

I hope you all are well and I cannot wait to get caught up on everyone's blogs again!!!!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

BFF Trip

My friend Laura took me on a little weekend trip with her this Fall. We went to Seven Springs and spent a girls weekend together. Seven Springs is a well known ski resort in our area and for th eoff season they come up with really creative and fun events. It was great! We stayed in the hotel at Seven Springs and enjoyed the Fall Festival they had there. Here we are at the mini golf course in the hotel...

This was our view from the room patio...It was pouring all weekend and we had the sewer drain outside of our window so we pretended that it was our own personal waterfall!!! Lemonade out of lemons, right?!?!

Here is a shot of the grounds...

A little selfie action...

Working out selfie....thank goodness we did this a little and walked around a lot because food was included all weekend and we ATE! Seriously yummo!!

We took a long hike in the woods and down trails around the property and saw how really beautiful nature can be...

Many ponds with swans...white...

and black...they were all so elegant as they just glided around in the lake! Serenity and peace!!

And on our last day these little babies came popping out of the storm drain...more lemonade!! I love kittens!! They were so cute to watch!!! There were more hiding inside...

What a great weekend with an even greater friend! I love you lots Laura!!! Thank you for taking me on this weekend of fun, bonding and friendship!

Where do you like to hang with the girlfriends?
Any special activities?
Do you ski? water? snow?
Cats or dogs or both?

Have a fantastic week ya'll!!!!!

KC Trip and New Fall Hair

Happy Fall Ya'll!!! I got new Fall hair!!! I ditched the blonde and went with some new Fall colors!! I kinda LOVE my hairstylist!!! I kind of just let my hairstylist do whatever she wants and I LOVE what she did!!

I recently got to travel for work! It is a rare thing for me and I was so excited to go! I went to two different sites - Shawnee and Hawthorne. Shawnee, Kansas and Hawthorne, Missouri and it was awesome!!!!

We stayed in a hotel at Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. This place was amazing!! Right outside of our hotel was about 100 stores (and GOOD stores) within a ten block radius!!! It was a shopping and dining mecca!!!! We wanted authentic BBQ and we had so many recommendations but overall, the majority recommended Jack Stack BBQ so off we went!

Before eating, we HAD to pose in front of the restaurant with this bull!!! The food was AMAZING! I highly recommend this place! I got the Jacks Best which was one Crown Prime Beef Rib, Pork
Baby Back Ribs, and Beef Burnt Ends. AAAAAAAAMAZING!

Here is a shot of my lovely hotel room at the Hampton Inn Suites! The hotel was beautiful and clean! Loved it here! I had a huge, cozy bed with about 10 pillows and huge flat screen TV in both the sitting area and bedroom! Love this hotel!

I will leave you with a little photo out of the plane window....heading home!

Hope I get to return someday! I have NEVER tasted BBQ that good!!

Anyone else never had REAL BBQ?
Favorite type of BBQ?
Love traveling for work?

Have a great week ya'll.


Monday, October 31, 2016

Variety Halloween Party

Every year my company sponsors a Halloween party for a children's charity called Variety.  This year was no exception. The theme this year was Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin Patch...

As you will see each year just keeps getting better and better...

Here are previous years posts that I was able to find...


And here is this years pictures and post!!! It was truly awesome this year! We decorate the entire cafeteria at work each year! Here are pictures of the tables and windows in the cafeteria..

This is a giant inflatable Grimm Reaper with his horse carriage that was added this year next to the DJ booth (yes, you read right...the DJ booth!)

A close up of the window clings...our companies print shop made all of these clings...
A local university in our area (University of Pittsburg) donated these murals to us free of charge. There were about eight in total. They were huge murals that the students from an Intro to Art class painted. They are all AMAZING!

Soooo super cute!!!

Another mural and the windows with the cobwebs...I helped add those :-)

One of our employees made these centerpieces for every table! Amazing right?!?!

And our Science Making Sense Team made this huge (all wooden) dog house for the kids to walk through!!! It was awesome!

Here is the graveyard I worked on at the entrance to the event...

Another new inflatable to greet the children and their families on their way in!!!

This is the picture room! Every kid comes in here with their family and gets a group photo to take home as a keepsake! This is my favorite part of the event and the families love it! Three more of the donated murals appear here as a backdrop...
Super adorable...right? There is another of those donated murals hanging up in the middle of the photo below...

A little hallway shot....

Another mural at the entrance...I wanted to make sure to get a shot of them all as they were so cute and it was so thoughtful for them to donate these to us after all of their hard work!

The hallway on the way to the picture room! Not a square inch of the building goes un-decorated!!!

Here is a panoramic shot of the entire cafeteria!

This is a shot of me and my friend from work! I am on the left of the picture (dressed as Charlie Brown from the movie. He could not figure out where to put the eye holes - HA HA) and Kathy is pigpen. It's hard to tell but she dirtied up her sheet - LOL!!! We were greeters for the event!

And these cookies were made by Parkhurst (Eat and Park Company) for us for the party! Seriously, how could you eat this?! Adorable right?!?

It was such a great day! 

Due to confidentiality issues I am not allowed to show the kids....but, I assure you....our cafeteria was FILLED with smiles all day from the kids and their families...and all of us volunteers as well! What an awesome day that I am privileged to volunteer for every year! I swear it makes me so happy and fills my heart with joy!

Whats your favorite charity? 

What are you for Halloween this year?
What is your favorite candy?

Happy Halloween!!!!!

What a Weekend!

Wowsa! It was a jam backed and event-filled weekend for me and my family! Mom and Dad went to Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh on Thursday night to see Carol Burnett! My siblings and I bought them the tickets for their birthday this year.  They sent us all a text with this picture saying thank you!Are they not the world's most adorable parents?!?!

I spent Saturday at the BF's house cleaning up the yard, splitting firewood and playing with a BIG bonfire! If you know me at all, you know there is no where I would rather be on a beautiful day than outside working in the yard! Since I do not yet have a yard, I play in his! HA! 

BTW: It was 80 degrees and beautiful here in Pittsburgh on Saturday...I hope everyone had beautiful weather like we did!!!

Saturday night was pumpkin carving!!! My favorite thing to do at Halloween! The BF not as excited but he was definitely into it as soon as we got started! His is the bat on the left and the other two are mine!

I got a text on Saturday that my sweet niece fell and fractured her tibia...she also torn her ACL and a bunch of other tendons and ligaments!Poor thing! They sent me this picture...I immediately wanted to puke! Poor thing has got to be in pain!! UGH!

And then this picture came....my nephew had a homecoming dance and he sent her this picture of him and his date while she was in the hospital with my niece. Are they not the cutest?! I think the girls dresses get shorter and tighter every year! LOL! The fact that I even think that says that I am getting old, hugh?!   LOL!

And now for the DIY section of my blog...LOL!!!

Sunday morning was spent fixing my tub faucet. I could not turn it off anymore...that is a serious problem! It was a workout to be able to shut the water off!! So I googled "what is wrong if you can not turn off your tub water". I followed the online video HERE and replaced the cartridge in the faucet and it works now! It turns off so easily and does not drip at all!

Then I went back over to the BF's house.  His garbage disposal stopped working a few weeks ago and he has not had time to have someone come look at it. So, I googled "how to fix a garbage disposal" and walked through the steps in THIS video and it worked! I actually fixed his garbage disposal! The hardest part was finding the breaker to turn off the disposal. Anyone can fix things!! I am kinda amazed at myself lately!!!  I am happy to say...he is too! HA!

Finally...this is how the weekend ended...me and my kitties cuddled in bed! I am one blessed girl...breath right and all! HA!   
I hope everyone has an amazing week!!  Please pray for fast healing for my niece if you have a second...thanks!!! 

Anyone else give up most of their bed to their fur babies?
How was your weekend?
Anyone else love DIY projects?
Pumpkin carving your thing?

Happy Monday!