Saturday, July 19, 2014


Of all  my subscription boxes, this is the one that I have been trying to decide if I should cancel. For about six months it seemed like the samples just kept getting smaller and less useful. Over the last two months it is seeming to improve so I am going to keep buying it for a few more months...

Here was this months Birchbox...

And the product listing shows pricing and description of the included goodies...

Got this sample of a 3 minute face peel...See how little :-(

Can't wait to try this. This is a little larger sample and  I should be able to do both legs with this at least once!

 This eye cream could end up being a favorite...I need this thats for sure!

And this eyeshadow palette is awesome! I love the colors so I hope the product is good~~~

Finally I got these to try. They are shower gel and these should work great in my luggage carry on for when I travel.
Again, I am still not sure if it is worth the money ($10/month) for this sub box but I will give it another month or two!

I LOVE presents in the mail that much!! HA!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Of all my subscription boxes I receive monthly - I LOVE Stridebox the most!!! This box NEVER disappoints!! I started getting it when I was marathon training and it helped so much! I love the products each month!!! If you are a runner, then this is a must!!! It is only $15/month and is sooo worth it!! I promise you will LOVE IT too!

Here is the little box of joy when I arrived this month - please disregard the zucchini behind the box....HA!

Here is the little pamphlet wiht product description, pricing and where you can purchase! Sooo simple!

I got this little yummy sample!!! So delish - I love everything I have tasted by this company!!! Honey is my personal fav in anything so that helps!

Cant wait to try this! It will come in handy in my gym bag for someday when I have no time for lunch or dinner!!!

Love this as well! I am saving this for my half marahton training in the near future!!! Cant wait to see if I love it as much or more than my trusty Body Glide.

 Using this for my workout drink tomorrow!!! Yippee!

This awesome hydration bottle - chock full of samples shown below...

Cannot wait to use this!!! It is making my mouth water just reading it!! LOVE watermelon and add the salt...YUM!!!!!

Also included in the water bottle were all of these samples!!! I love Nuun and used it for my marathon hydration in my camelbak but cant wait to try these new flavors and also the cocogo!!

See what I mean?!?! Sooo much awesomeness is ONE box for $15!!!!!!!! I have NEVER been disappointed by my Stridebox!!

Get yours here!!