Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Missing Elf and Some Seriously Sweet Kids

I know a lot of you have a love/hate relationship with the elf and many of you may just hate him...ha! I have to say that as a single woman without kids, I love him! I do not have my own kids but a few days over Thanksgiving and a few days over Christmas I get to be in charge of his adventures and I love it! I look forward to this every year!! I love watching the kids search for him as soon as they get up and I could watch the and listen to the for hours when they explain his antics and ask questions about him with wonder. I sit and listen (sometimes close to tears) as they discuss it. They still have that belief that everything is good and right with the world. I love that innocence and wonder and their belief in magic things!

So - here are the elf's antics over Thanksgiving...he was trying to catch my nieces Beta fish...

He left the kids notes to tell them his name. Three of my nieces and nephews are my sisters and two are my brothers. They each have two elves at their own homes but since they were visiting Aunt Kerry this was a new elf to watch them. He explained how he watches them at Aunt Kerry's and reports back to Santa and their own elves at home.

This one was Aunt Sara's idea from Pinterest. It was pretty hilarious but it was killing the kids to know what was in the package...ha!

This is my favorite art of the weekend I think! One of my sisters in-laws has a little girl named Gaby and she was explaining to the kids that she does not have an elf. She knew nothing about the elf or what he does. The kids were amazed that she did not have one. My sister said they talked about it the whole way home and together came up with this solution.  They left this note for their elves (Doodles and Bella) asking for an elf for Gabby...her parents have never mentioned the elf and I am sure they hated that the kids told her about it...but it is sad to me to see a little girl that is missing out on the magic... :-(

Gotta love those kids?!??!?!?!?!?!? They are my heart!!!!!! I am one proud Aunt!!!

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  1. So cute! I'm kind of glad those became popular after my kids got older though lol. I had a hard enough time being the tooth fairy!


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