Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday

Hi bloggy pals!!! I am so happy to join in with 5 on Friday!

Here are the top five things on my EXPENSIVE wish list for Christmas.  I am using this as my five on Friday. I am a single woman and not currently serious with anyone so chances are that I am not exchanging expensive gifts this year!

I will probably not get any of these and will gradually throughout the year just buy them for myself but it is nice to keep a list anyway! HA

If anyone is feeling especially generous this year... :-) it is...

1. Ralph Lauren Jaden Boot, Size 8.5, Black/Tan - available here

I would love these! I have been looking at these forever!! They are so cute and such a classy style!

2. Ipod Touch, 64 GB (go big or go home, right?), Yellow - available here

I have an 8GB iPod Nano but it is sadly full and I can no longer add any songs :-(

3.   Ugg Bailey Bow Boot, Size 8, Chestnut - available here

Are they not the cutest boots ever?!?!? LOVE THESE!!!

4.  Barneys Oversize Scarf - available here

Beautiful and functional!

5. Tiffany T Square Bracelet - available here

Well folks, that's all! That is my expensive list and I will probably receive none of it but a girl has to dream, right?! 

At least I have taste, right?!?!

What's at the top on your EXPENSIVE wish list this year? Anything? Do you think you will get it?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh the baby Uggs! I can't take the cuteness. I found your blog on the 5 on Friday linkup :-)


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