Big BooBoo

So, in my excitement to return to hip hop class last night...
I was running late and rushing out the door...I turned and grabbed my gym bag and it was stuck on something so I pulled it....really hard and apparently it was stuck on my huge, heavy paper shredder!
Well, when I pulled it; the paper shredder actually fellover right on my big toe! Serious pain!!
Needless to say, is till went to hurt but it was so nice to see everyone! Here's the toe when I got home...
Another view... :-(
And another...
So I went to work today and it just kept throbbing like crazy so I left and went to MedExpress. It's broken! My bug toe tip was broken laterally and the bone split den the it's wrapped and I have this lovely walking boot in the photo and crutches. :-(
I am off at 1pm to see an orthopedic doctor to make sure it heals right.
Worst thing of all, no working out for at least four weeks!! Guess I will catch up on my reading or see if I can bike with my instep without pain....biking may be my answer!! :-)
Sooooooooo sad!


  1. Oh my gosh!! I am so sorry that happened. It looks painful!! Sending good vibes for your way for a stress free recovery!

  2. Oh Nooooo that looks so painful!! At least it happened after your half haha. Hey you can lift weights while you are sitting there right ;)


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