WWTK-Have a Laugh

WWTK--Have a Laugh

Time to play along with Scriptor and Kensie for We Want To Know Wednesday.   This week is all about what makes you laugh:

1.) Did you get any April Fool's pranks played on you this year? Not a one!!! Soo hard to believe!!!

2.) Do you take well to jokes of this nature or no? Absolutely!!! I love to play them and also receive!! I was too engrossed in craziness going on at work this year to remember to plan one to play!

3.) What makes you laugh? I love stand-up comedy...and just fun humor that I can relate to. I especially love stupid jokes like the ones we used to tell when we were kids.

4.) What movie did you last laugh at? Parental Guidance - it was hillarious!!!!!!!!!!

5.) What is your favorite funny movie? Joe Dirt always cracks me up!!! Love love love stupid humor!!!


  1. This is a great NSV! That is seriously so awesome! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing today!


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