Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I am going to join up with Jamie for What I am Lovin' Wednesday! I am so excited to get moving on updating this blog everyday again!!! Let's do this!

I am lovin' that my exercise is back on track! After I switched from running (jogging that is) to Zumba and spin classes for a long period of time; it took me forever to be able to jog again! It was seriously like torture to run on the treadmill and I could hardly breath!!! But, after persevering for a few weeks, I am again able to run non-stop and breath!!! YEAH!!!!  My times are getting better too!!!! (11.26; 11.03 and even a 10.22 mile in there - that is AMAZING for me!) When I ran the Great Race in Pittsburgh about five years ago I had a pace of 12.55 and I thought that was fast! HA!!!  Thanks Sara for the inspiration!!!

I am lovin' that I have these two cuties to make me smile everyday! If they are not following me around and snuggling on me; they are sleeping stinkin' cute is that?!?!?! Love these two darlings!

I am lovin' both Chipotle burrito bowl and Chipotle guac!!! I am officially obsessed with guacamole - I LOVE IT!!!!!

I am lovin' these precious yummy delights from Trader Joes!!!!!! They have HUGE chunks of strawberries, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and coconut flakes and they are only 80 calories each! Seriously amazing!!!!! Try them and I promise you will LOVE ME for this recommendation!!!!!!!!

I am lovin' that the my parents got me a new patio set for my birthday! I love it!! No more plastic green chairs and table!!!! Soooo cute and I also am lovin' that my flowers are growing amazing this year!!!! Love sitting out here!!!
And finally, I am lovin' a little fiber in my life! This is my go to snack (taking a break from Pop Chips) when I need a little crunch and quick take along snack. These are soooo yummy!!! Try em and you will like them!!! And no, I do not work for Trader Joes - I guess they just have lots of stuff to love!!!!!!!!! :-)

Happy Wednesday!!! Can't wait to see what everyone else is lovin'!!!!!!


  1. great list of things to love

  2. Running, zumba, kitties, CHIPOTLE, you and I? Soul mates.

  3. Ummmm now I want a Popsicle! Those kitties are just so cute and I love your new patio set!

    Trevor and I have been riding bikes almost every day but if I miss a day (just missed two) it's so much harder the next time.

  4. Is that your patio? It's gorgeous!
    Love those adorable kitties!


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