Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ding Dong...anyone home up there?!?!

I feel soooo stupid -

soooo stupid, in fact, that I was not even going to write a post about it.

But, to save anyone else the embarrasment and frustration I will!!!

(Actually I just have so free time and I am bored - HA)


The past three weeks of weight watchers have sucked!!!!

I lost 0.8 then 0.4 then actually gained!!

I could not figure out what was happening as I was doing nothing different that I could find and I always follow my online tracker for daily food points that I have left, evercise every other day about and generally could not figure it out!! I was getting frustrated and ready to quit and have four or five sundaes!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, on Saturday I was entering my weight and I said...

"Do you want to remain on Maintenance even though you gained weight this week?" MAINTENANCE; I am not on MAINTENANCE believe you me!!!!!

Well, I came to find out that somehow my online tracker accidently got switched from lose weight to maintain weight and I was eating (get this) EIGHT points extra a day!!!!!!!!!!

That's like over 400 calories a day!!!!!

No WONDER I am not losing weight and just maintaining! WHAT A DUNCE!!

My mom says "didn't you realize you were getting wayyy more, I have no memory of points which is why I let the tracker tell me how many left for the day!

All in all I am glad it only took three freekin' weeks to figure that one out (I am not a rocket scientist) and I AM losing again and back on track NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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