It has been forever since I posted. I think I have been in a funk - I have been reading all the posts but just dont feel like posting anything...this has been going on since I got back from vacation. I think it just took me a while to adjust to working and life again....actually was in a little "funk" for a week or so.

But, I am good now....

Back to working out with Zumba and the gym....mostly Zumba...

Going here again lately...they have to MOST AMAZING instructors and class is soooooooo fun you don't realize how fast that hour goes or how SOPPING wet you are until the class is over!

And tonight going here and meeting up with some really cool friends to enjoy the Summer parrish festival...I will definitely post pics of this tomorrow.

Have a great day and I will leave you with pics of the lifeguard races my nieces and nephew participated in on vacation at Stone Harbor, NJ.

My oldest niece, Kyleigh, won third in the race pictered where she is holding the rope (funny thing is she cheated to win: she stod at the finish line and never left when the other kids ran for the water she just stood there and when they came back across the finish she followed them and got third-HAHA!!!! We even told them she cheated and she still got a medal for it....LOL!!!!!

Tooo funny - have a great day - TGIAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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