Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Post - A Little Late :-)

Here it is in pics...Turkey Day at my sisters (also included annual cookie baking weekend and trip to Chocolate World)!!!!!!
Here is sister-in-law Sara at the kitchen table - she is currently preggo with my soon to be new niece "Ann Jr." - I am working on convincing them to use this name LOL

Mommy washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen....we are an OCD family....ha

Waliacha waiting in line for the Hershey tour ride....

The Hershey cows....Gabby, Harmony and Olympia

Kyleigh waiting in line for the ride - I told her to give me her excited look - LOL

JoJo and Kyleigh holding hands waiting for the ride... I love this pic and it is even better if you know that Kyleigh is a "mini Jordan" - it is like watching Jordan grow up all over again - she does everything just like Jordan - really neat to watch!!!!!!!! They ae buddies to the core!!!!!!

Out of sync pics...sorry....this is of the outside of Chocolate World - it was crazy busy at Hershey the Day after Thanksgiving!

Steve and Waliacha in kitchen (they boys cleaned the table up after Turkey dinner since the girls cooked) nice, hugh???

Another of the boys cleaning up...

Again, out of order, sorry!!!!!!! This is all of us on the ride....shortly after I snapped this a lady at the counter said "Maam, you cannot take a picture of your picture - you have to buy your picture". Oh well, live and learn....needless to say, this time around I did not buy my picture...was this wrong?!?!?!? I kinda blended right in with the back seat of the car....LOL

A picture from the ride....

And another...

Back at the house - Ali in the car that the twins fought over ALL weekend)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls once they realised I woul dkeep snapping until they looked at the camera
This is the one before that - they think they can hide from the blog post....not happenin'!!!!!

Kyleigh and her new monkey (JoJo is cleaning out her stuffed animals and gave them to KyKY)
What a nice cousin!

Another of Ali and "the car"!!!!!!!

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