Random Thinking Out Loud

Holy Moses!!! It is September!! I will be joining Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Today!!

We may all be sorry...those thoughts are usually best left inside my brain but lets see how this goes!

I am sooooooo very sad that Summer is coming to end...it was bejesus cold when I left the house for work this morning. Please don't leave me sunshine, beaches and warmth!!!

All I do is think about eating!! I am losing weight again and I am very happy about that! The scale is moving in the right direction again finally but I am always starving and thinking about food!! Lord, get me through this without eating my own arms off!!!

My fitbit is my best friend!!! It truly makes me sad if I shower and forget to put my fitbit back on before I walk anywhere! HA HA!!!

Let me preface with...I'm really sorry if I insult anyone!!!! I am a big believer in Live and Let Live however, this woman showed up on my Facebook feed this AM and these people give me the hee-bee gee-bees!!! You will NEVER convince me that these individuals are NOT mentally ill! WOWSA!!! Just gives me chills!

Finally, if anyone is looking to stay accountable for weight loss - I would LOVE for you to join me at my Weigh in Wednesday next week! Right now it is usually a party of one or two but I am hoping for more people to join soon!

Have a great rest of week everyone!!!!


  1. These memes are the best. I've been trying to beat my Nike Fuel goals which means I need to have my phone in my pocket at all times. Bummer when I forget and do like a lot of stuff. It's like it never even happened. Lol

    1. I know EXACTLY what you mean! LOL
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. UGH I was trying to do iifym last week. Crashed and burned by Wednesday with all the things going on. Back to regular calorie counting for me, way easier to function with that in a busy life.

    1. Calorie counting is what is working for me right now...I guess everyone is different. I am definitely sticking to what is working this time - LOL! You can do this - you were my total motivation last time!!! You killed the get in shape thing!!!!


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