Hershey 10K April 2016

Hi everyone! I cannot wait to give you the recap from my Hershey Park 10K this past weekend! I went to run with my sister in Harrisburg and it was a great weekend and a great race!
I drove in Friday night and goit to hang out with my sister and her husband and my nephew, My nieces were at school and work so I did not get to see them at all this visit :-(

We went to dinner at Carrabba's when I got there....it was awesome! 

After dinner we went home to get some sleep for the race. We planned to get up at 5 to leave by 6 and then race started at 7:30.

here we are in the car race morning! I had soooo many issues race morning! Sore throat and cramps (thanks to the baby making parts - TMI I know!) and even more that I will not go into. Lets just say I thought it was going to be a horrible morning - LOL!

Here we are at race start! Can you see the Start?!?!? I started to feel a little better....thank you Midol!

And here is 1K...legs felt very tight...kinda wanted to sit down and quit! LOL

I saw the 2K flag and actually felt great! My legs were very limber and I ran up two small hills so far (I walk hills a lot normally)! 

Once I hit the 3K flag I really was feeling amazing! Not sure why but I felt so good...breathing was on point and my legs felt loose and ready to keep going forever!

4K - little zoomed in I know but I did not want to stop to focus better - ha! I was on a roll!

 There's the 5K flag - this is a long slow incline and I ran the ENTIRE thing!!!

 And we then hit the 6K flag right near the Hershey Outlet Stores...

And finally the 7K and the fun part of the race...now it is into the Park!!!

I passed my sister here in the park...she was ahead of me by about 1/2 mile at this point. That is her with both her hands up!

Passed the 8K inside the park!

And that's all she wrote :-(


I never saw the 9K flag and my iPhone locked as I was coming into the stadium so I could not get a picture crossing the finish! I was so bummed! It rained the entire race so I think the rain on my Lifeproof case was messing up my being able to enter my password at the end. Oh well, I tried to get the whole race but fell short a little.

But, here's our finisher medals!!! AWESOME!!!

And here is a close up! The inside spins! It is my favorite medal so far! LOVE IT! We got this little Hershey bar in our bags too - LOL! You would think Hershey could at least give us a normal size bar? I guess they are trying to keep up healthy, hugh? It is a good thing that I run for the bling (medals) and not for the food! HA

We went shopping a little after the race and then I got to enjoy the rest of the day with my sister and brother-in-law watching my nephew play basketball! I never saw him play so it was awesome! And really fun to watch!!! He did great and scored lots of points!   That's him - number 12!!! WHOOP! Such a proud Aunt!!!

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend too!!!

Do you race? What was your last race? or favorite medal? Do you race for bling or to be able to eat? HA! I am bling and my sister is food! HA

Any ideas for a great Caribbean vacation spot? Need to plan vacation with the BF!

Happy Monday!


  1. congrats to you, and your sister. awesome job.

    1. Thanks! It is always so much fun! Have a great day!

  2. I used to race for the time. Now I just run for the experience lol. Hopefully eventually I will get back into shape and can run for time again.

    1. I still only run for fun Julie! That is why I was so happy with the PR...I am not training at all and my running feels so good and not stressed at all now! LOL

  3. Congratulations on the race! I could give your sister a run for the money to the food!


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