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Santa's Early This Year

I cannot even explain my excitement for this weekend!

Tonight I get to celebrate my 19 years in recovery with my homegroup! We will have cake and it get to make a little speech about "how I did it".

I am so excited!!!

Then first thing in the AM I will head to Ohio for my families early Christmas celebration! 

No worries...I got a house and cat sitter for the weekend! Yippee! No worries for me!

The only time everyone could be together was if we did Christmas a week early at my Moms house!  This works great for my sister and brothers because now their kids can get up on Christmas at their own houses next week and enjoy the day at home. I will also be stopping by on Christmas Day to see what everyone got!!

I only had one thing I wanted this year and I think my parents hooked me up!!!! I am the last house in America to have a HUGE box TV- LOL - so they are getting me a big screen! I am so totally excited to watch Survivor and Grimm on a real HUGE TV!

I hope you all have an awesome week…

Missing 9.8 pounds

Hi everyone!

I went on a cookie walk on December 3rd and as of December 4th I have been on a diet!

LOL! But, totally not joking!

From the beginning of January I slowly but on over 20 pounds that I worked so hard to lose the few months before and I swore I would watch and not gain them back.

Well, after spending three hours going from store to store and sampling cookies, I could not wait to step on the scale as I felt horrible!

So, I reflected about how much I want to be in shape and look and FEEL good and I have been watching everything I eat and staying within 1200 - 1400 calories a day.

When I jumped on the scale this am - I am officially down 9.8 pounds since the cookie walk!

That's 9.8 pounds in 14 days (5 pounds a week!)!

I am so happy and I already feel so much better! I will be back to feeling awesome by New Years if I keep pushing away the desserts! YEA!!!!

Oh What a weekend!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Is it just me or is life getting crazier with each weekend we get closer to Christmas?!

I had a marvelous weekend starting with a tour of homes in the Allegheny West area of Pittsburgh on Friday night!  It's called Old Allegheny Victorian Christmas House Tour.  It is a tour of one church and seven homes that are all decorated for the holidays. It was spectacular!

It helps that I went with these two lovely girls below!!!

This is the pastor at the Calvary United Methodist Church where you meet to head out on the tour.  He gave us history of the church and we have a lot of amazing photos from inside!

Just look at these stained glass windows! This church has the largest Tiffany glass windows in the world! It is unfortunate that my pictures do not do it justice! If you are in the area, go to church is worth it if even just once!

Then onto the tour! We saw Mansion homes that had ballrooms and dining rooms bigger than my whole…

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Hi everyone!

Today I will be joining in with Penny at Penny's Passion and Vanessa over at X-tremely V for their Thinking Out Loud Thursday and also joining Kristin for Stuff and Things! I am always looking to make new friends!!!

The main random thought on my mind is that yesterday I celebrated 19 years of being clean and sober and it felt absolutely amazing! I got sober when I was 28 and I felt so very young back then! So many years have passed and I still feel young although I am apparently not anymore - LOL! The changes in my life are very dramatic since then and I am no longer that person at all thanks for an EVER VIGILANT program of recovery and the mindset that I will never be "cured".

I know a lot of people that bash programs of abstinence but I can tell you it is totally what worked for me.I wanted it and I took suggestions and did the footwork to attain it. I see a lot of young people coming through our doors today and they do not want to work for all.…

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hop on over and join in with Joyce for Wednesday Hodgepodge!!! You will meet many, many cool new friends!

1.  Many families have a story they love to tell every year around a holiday. Does your family have one? Are you the star of that story, or does another family member take center stage? Share your story if you want.
I think our favorite family story is in regards to Thanksgiving.  Absolutely! After years of hosting Thanksgiving for all of their adult children for many, many years; my parents decided to take a trip to Hawaii during Thanksgiving and my sisters and I were on our own to make a Turkey for our first time. We were so excited... everything was on track and the beautiful bird was in the oven. We left the house to go for a pre-Thanksgiving binge walk and came home to an oven full of fire! Apparently all the butter we shoved under his skin made him very flammable. The turkey was due to come out so we waited for the flames to go out and took the bird out of the oven. After …

19 Years Baby!

Hi everyone! It's been a few days since I was able to make it here! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! Mine was crazy, hectic and filled with family - just the way I like it! I cannot wait to read about yours!
Today is an amazing day for me! Today marks 19 years sober and clean IN recovery! 
I am grateful and amazed daily that this is even possible!
I woke up this morning, started thinking back to the way it used to be and was overcome with emotions! I can hardly think about it at work because I start to cry with gratitude.
Thank you to all the Friends of Bill have have guided, led, and suggested to me along the way!
I love each and every one of you!! This would not be possible without all of you!
I am soooooo very grateful for the life that has been made possible by the 12 steps and those that have gone before me!
Thank you for my saving my life and giving me a life that is now WORTH living!