Show Us Your Singles

Hi all! Today is Show us your Singles Day at Kelly's Korner.

I am going to introduce you to me, Ann. I am a single, strong and very independent woman. I am 46 years old. I don't need  man but it would be really nice to have someone special in my life.

I live in the South Hills of Pennsylvania (right outside of Pittsburgh). Yes, I do love the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates!!

I work in Information Technology at a major corporation full time and love my job!

In my free time I spend time with family (out of state in Ohio) where we water ski, jet ski, sail, etc.  I love summer - it is my favorite season!

I love reality TV (Survivor, Big Brother, etc)

I work out a lot (running, hiking, zumba, hiphop and body pump are a few of my favorites!!

I recently lost over 75 lbs and I have more to go but I am getting there!!

I would love to meet an old-fashioned man: someone that loves the Lord and still believes in cherishing their mate. Someone that loves the outdoors and loves family. More important than anything, someone that has established their life and is looking to share in mine. (I keep meeting these men that need someone to take care of them or need someone to move in with and I do not want this)!

My email is!

Fingers crossed!!!!! Ann


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