Friday, August 22, 2014

I Confess #1...

I am linking up with Leslie at A Blond Ambition for her Confessional Friday!

I love her blog and I am so excited to participate in this link up and read everyone else confessions! Bring em on....

I confess that I joined!  I never thought I would ever sign up for online dating let alone PAY for the service!  However, the guys that run in my "circles" are just not relationship material. Enough said there! I am trying something different and it just may be working!! I will keep you all posting on my dates and experiences.

I confess that I am a major workout junkie and am also completely obsessed with my fitbit and it's data - I think to the point that it scares my friends and family. HEE! I never take that lovely gummy-blue bracelet off and now that I am out in the dating pool again I may or may not need to purchase this beautiful baby!!!
It is pricey but it would be so pretty to wear out when I am going on a date!!

I confess that I am TOTALLY terrified of dating again. I have not dated in so long and I have my first official date tomorrow night. He is driving to my town and we are meeting for dinner and I am absolutely petrified! What is wrong with me??? He is such a great guy! We have talked on the phone and sent text messages a lot and he seems perfect!  I keep thinking he is going to think I am unattractive and get up and just leave. I don't know how I am going to calm myself enough to "be myself" tomorrow on this date. HELP!!!

I confess that I love watching Big Brother!!! I know it is not classy to watch reality TV but I cant get enough!! I look forward to every summer and Big Brother! I am so sad that it is going away soon.

Can't wait to read everyone else's confessions!! 

Hope yinz all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


  1. Im not sure if you are familiar with Kelly's corner, but once or twice a year she does a singles match up, you should check it out here:

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