Admittance is the First Step

If admittance is the first step then I am on my way!!!

I have a SERIOUS hording problem!

Not the kind like you see on the hording shows but a weird and different strain of this problem.

I hoard items and food - not in a way that impedes my ability to live or move around my house but to the point where my cupboard is full of noodles, sauses, veggies, etc. and yet I continue to buy more...always worried that I may run out of something...anything. I have a backup of everything!! It's bizarre!!! Who has a back up soy sauce or a back up onion soup mix box?!?!?! ME ME ME

My freezer is just like my cupboard...I have frozen fish, beef, turkey and soy ice I eat it first, no, I buy more and stuff more in my freezer! Instead of defrosting turkey from the freezer I run to the store and  buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  What is this about?!?!?

Also, I have back up tea, coffee, etc. EVERYTHING! Toilet paper and Paper towels too!!! I have a closet full and I live alone!!!

I also noticed the other night when I went to Target that I NEVER buy one of anything...always two or matter what it is...Weird!!!

I am making a pledge to turn this around now....I am eating everything (or as close as I can come to everything) in my freezer before putting anything else in there! I will post pics so you can see what I mean tomorrow - I promise.

Oh me oh to recovery land!!!!!!! HA


  1. My friend is always terrified she's going to run out of TP. I'm like you live like 5 minutes from the store! I'm like 20 and we have used napkins many times haha.


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