New Boo

It's official!! I have a new Boo!!!


I am pretty excited! After the last idiot finally left I swore I would never date another man.....just go out with them and never fall again.

Well, I have officially fallen again I think...... :-)

I am sooooo happy so far!!!

Here he is .....

My sweetie!!!

We have known each other for a long time (7 years or more) and just recently decided to date.

We went to a Pirates game the other night and this is a picture from that game.

He is the sweetest, nicest man I have ever met to date (aside from my Daddy!!!!) :-)

All smiles for now....I will keep you all posted!!!!

Happy Week to you all!


  1. He's cute! Every time I try to respond to your emails it bounces :(

  2. So happy for you! You deserve every smile he gives you!


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