Baby bluebirds

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
The support I recieved from your guys regarding my presentaiton was wonderful!
And, I am happy to say, it went pretty well.
I cant wait to see the video so I can actually remember what I said!! HA
What I do know, is our VP sent me an email afterwards teling me that I did a great job!!!
Made me feel amazing! YEAH!

And, another amazing thing!!!! If you remember, earlier I talked in a post about the Wildlife Sustainability Team that we have at work. We monitor bluebird boxes and count how many are born and hatched on our corporations is so fun!!!!

Anyway, I am monitoring two sets this year and one of my sets has babies....yeah!!!! They are only a few days old so not much movement at all - they are such I am uploading two videos.

One of the videos is my new babies in their nest and the other video is of my other set of boxes that does not have any babies does have a great view of the 376 parkway in Pittsburgh for anyone who would like to see that! LOL


And, again, thanks for the bloggy support - you guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!

Click below for the babies in 8C...


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