Miscelleneous Friday

This is the current state of my flowers on the patio! Love them now that it is 80 I can stop draggin' them in and out everyday :-) I also have hummingbirds already!!!!!! Yippee!!!

I saw this yesterday on my way to the post office....My camera phone is not great but it is a boy turkey walking around with his pretty feathers up trying to impress the ladies.....although it looks to not be working in the picture - they are running from me - not him....they were all hanging around him and checking him out before I stopped the car on the side of the road...

Really was a neat thing to see in "real life"...I LOVE nature!!!!!!

My old "new" shoes......found these in my closet....bought at an end of season last year and never got to wear!!! CUTE!!!

This is my cubicle at work.....

Home away from home....the other side of the cubicle. We are moving to a new building on campus soon and I will lose this roomy cubicle.....we are getting VERY small cubicles....SOB!!!

And my babies............

These are my bluebird babies at work.....I have to go check them today so I will have new photos later today or tomorrow....they get cuter as they grow fluff and feathers!!!!!! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!!!! I will have lots of pics as I plan on hanging with my nieces and nephews at the lake and it is supposed to be nice - yippee!!!!!!


  1. what fun pictures!! your flowers are amazing..an oh those lovely blue birds!!!

  2. Your patio is like a little private oasis--so pretty! And those shoes are adorable!

  3. I was going to say I was jealous of your big cube. Sucks that you are losing so much space!


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