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So, I have been busy with my etsy store and have been a very lame blogger lately!
I am still reading yours though!!! Thank you for those updates!!!
News is that one of my good blogging buddies, Sara, is going to do a review for my jewelry!! I am so psyched to see what she thinks of the necklace I made for her!!
Stay tuned and I will link to it when she posts! YIPPEE!!!

Also, here are the new things I have added recently to my store at

Handstamped, antique, silver-plated mr and mrs forks - perfect to give as a gift for the couple to use at the wedding for their wedding cake - these are really high quality forks.

Here is a view from firther away of the simple and elegant design of the fork itself...

And these are stamped with i do and i do too - these are my favorites!!

A closer view - hard to see I know...

And these are great for a gardener in your life - Mothers Day is on the way!! Great gift!!! Silver-plated, antique spoons with any herb names you prefer on them...

Great whimsical addition to any garden or flower pot.

Here is a shot from further away...

This is the same as the necklace I designed for my blogging friend...I hope she loves it!!!

And the namaste design - another favorite! I heard this means "the God in me greets the God in you" beautiful is that?!?!?

Here is a great one for ANYONE in an recovery program! This can be for sobriety, OA, GA, NA, AA, etc. Anyone that is working a program of recovery One Day At A Time!!

This is perfect for a gift for bridesmaids from the bride! Also a great gift for a friend - simple and elegant. I can make these with the charm shown or with a shiny, brass circle...also can be made with the capital letter shown or the small letters used in some of the other photos...

This is a neclace for is perfect for memorializing someone by holding that date close to your heart always...I can make these with the angel or with a cat or dog if that is preferred to memorialize a close family pet...

This is my favorite - it is a handstamped bar - you can give me up to four names or words...completely personalized for you!!! A great addition is the birthstones of all the people on the necklace.

This is self-explanatory...I can stamp any words you prefer on this one....

Love this too!!!!!!!!! Great for beach lover...can be personalized with an additional charm with initial(s) or simply the birthstone as shown

Another favorite!!! This is like the one above and can be personalized with an additional charm with initial(s) or simply the birthstone as shown...

Stop on by anytime at!! I would not only love to make a few sales but it would be awesome to know my bloggy friends are sporting my jewelry!! I promise you will love it if you try it!!!!! It is all hand-stamped by me and jump rings are all soldered by me so there is little chance of losing a charm!! TOP QUALITY!!!

Happy hump day!


  1. Cute stuff Ann! We should connect on Etsy.

    I like the I run to be necklace, of course, since I'm a runner ;-) But the sea necklace is also excellent!

  2. I am BEYOND EXCITED now!!! I need to get the spoon/fork for my sister's wedding!

  3. I added you to my circles on Etsy - hopefully you'll be able to see it! My shop is also on the sidebar of my blog.


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