Wednesdays Class Update - Live from Tempe, AZ

Well, still at training and still having a wonderful week- all in all!

Another shout out to Tempe Mission Palms - seriously, amazing hotel and food and atmosphere!!!! They are so great to fix any issue we have and just an amazing, classy hotel!!!!

AWESOME PLACE - if you are ever coming to Tempe or Phoenix or Mesa or Scottsdale; you may want to consider staying here - you will NOT regret it!!!

This is breakfast from the "full on buffet"!!!! This hotel is soooo amazing!!! I got an egg white omelet with veggies and fruit!!!!!!!! YUM!!! But dont let this fool you....I ate candy, chips, chocolate and ice cream the rest of the day....that is why there has been no posting of exercise or food intake!! Waiting until I get home - HA!!

And this is the sky at lunch break!!! I heard it was snowing at home in Pgh, PA so I decided to facebook this picture to family back home - mean, I know!! LOL!!!!

It was like 75 here and sunny - again, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont have any pictures but after class I hopped into the Jetta rental car and went to the Arizona Mills Mall to have my fake nails removed!!! Yeah, I can function fingers feel great and clean!!! Also had a quick pedicure when I was there of course!!! Pink toes for Valentines week!!!

Happy hump day yinz!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love your blog post! Thanks for the kind words about TMPH!

    - Alison Brooks, social media coordinator


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