Thursday at Training in Tempe

Happy Thursday yinz!!!! I cannot believe that I am leaving tomorrow already!!! This week flew by!!

This picture is Team JAR (Jeff, Ann and Richard-in that order in the picture too!!) in class...we split into three teams and compete throughout the week in knowlegde games, etc. At the end, we have a class presentation due with all te data and research we have been doing all week. My team decided to get a great picture on the patio of Roly Buly for our team photo on the front of our PowerPoint we are...

This is a few pictures from my walk this evening right after dusk I walked across the bridge from Tempe to Phoenix (it crosses the Rio Salado River) - soooo pretty!!

So sad I have to leave tomorrow :-(

I will miss you soooooooooooo much Tempe and your stable temperatures of 70 and above!!

But, be back very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!


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