Sunday - Day 1 - Part 1

I am heading on a work trip back to Tempe, AZ. I was there last month and am on my way back for more training.

I will miss these cuties soooooooooo much for the next week - my house sitter will give them tons of loving but they wioo be this the cutest picture ever?!?!?!?

And look at this awesome sleeping position...upside down and twisted...HA!

And anothere..same pose :-)

Here is the view from my plane in Pgh....before takeoff...

And here is landing at the airport in Tempe, AZ. I had the greatest pilot...he was soo funnny "Captain America" was his name - HA!! He got us in 45 mins early but we sat on the plane for an hour until a gate opened! WOWSA!

Here is my snazzy rental.....cute hugh?!?!? So for this week only...I am fron California!! GO ME!

And this is a ding I found on my rental upon arrival at the hotel...just wanted to document...

And the total view....

I was walking at a park near thew hotwl on Sunday and saw all these holes...snakes??? scorpions?????? What lives here?????

A view further away from the holes....

The park sign...

Beautiful picutes on the way up....Part 2 has the second part...


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