I am sooo excited to write this post!!!

I know I am supposed to wait but cannot contain my excitement or my thanks!!!
I participated in Swapoween with Beth and Miss Angie!!!

I have to say I had an amazing time getting to know my swap buddy Becca through her posts on her blog Everyday Life - one thing was made very clear...she is a fun loving gal that is NOT a girly-girl!!! LOL!! I hope I shopped well for you and I hope you love everything I picked out!!! I loved everything you sent~~could not have shopped for myself any better!!! HA!

I have to say thank you again...I truly loved everything you sent me!!!!!! AWESOME Halloween gift selections!! I got more excited with each thing I pulled out of the box!!!!!!!!! I have to say also, we think A LOT alike as we bought each other the EXACT same candy dish and a lot of the same things (kitchen towels, decor, socks....HA!!!!)!

Here is the box - I could hardly wait to tear it open and then I remembered I should document this occasion!!! HA!

Awesome skeleton necklaces...I will be wearing these as Halloween draws nearer however right now- they are being used as curtain ties in my guest room to add to the decor....

The EXACT same candy dish I sent to Becca!!! HILLARIOUS!

A cute snow globe - this now resides on my TV!!!!!!!

Two awesome kitchen towels and some cool bat socks - I WILL be sporting these any chance possible!!!!

A HUGE candy jar of Candy Corn...another personal favorite - I will definitely not be losing any weight between now and Halloween!

She also sent this awesome blowup cat - here is a shot of the other cats inspecting it (okay so maybe not inspecting it but how gross - trying to smell its butt!!!!!!!!)HA HA!

And last but definitely not least my new coffee cups!!!!! I do not drink wine or soda but I will be enjoying my coffee in these as I love to enjoy the ambiance of halloween!!!!!!! NICE!

With all this loot - who could not be a happier swapper?!?!?!?!?! Moi!!!!

I can't wait till the next swap - I LOVE these things!!

Thanks again Becca and I hope you love your loot as much as I love mine!!!!!!!!!


I promise I will post this again on the proper "swapoween" posting date!! HA!


  1. so happy yu liked everything and i to thought it was great that we thought alike in some of out gifts.

    Ps the chocolate was delish didn't make it through the day i loved it so much

    this was so much fun can't wait to do it again

  2. Hey Ann, that's a great package Becca sent you! We didn't hear from you about sending your package in the swap though---- so it's good to hear you are still in and you sent your package.

    :) I'll have link-ups posted tomorrow.

  3. So glad you love it! :) Thanks for playing! :)

  4. I'm just stopping by from Miss Angies. What a great package!

  5. Love the inflatable cat! I would try to scare my cat with it all night!


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