Flip Flop Swap

I am soooooooooooooooooo super excited!!!! I got home from work last night and this was waiting at my door!!!!!!!! :-)

Was it from....

Yes it was from - my FLIP FLOP SWAP partner - Amy at Nine Ninety-One!!!!!!!!!

I ripped it open - LITERALLY - and found this sweet and sooooo cute note to explain what is inside!

How ADORABLE!!!!!! LOVE THESE!!!!! Seriously, I wore them around the condo all night last night (they felt amazing after my sore feet from spinning) and cannot wait to wear them to my meeting tonight - super cute!!!

Another angle of my new flip flops!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I mention not only sooo cute but sooooooooo comfy!

And this adorable windchime was also included! We were supposed to add something from our state and Amy is from Tennessee - so instead of sending me a big "T" (which I would have found some use for - LOL!!!) she sent something orange which is a big color for their state!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Next time Waliacha is over I will make him add me a hook in a better place on the deck but for now I just wanted to get it hung so I could hear its chimes...it is the one on the left with the dragonflies........LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Amy!! I loved everything and REALLY enjoyed getting to know you through your blog and our exchange!!! I do hope you love your swap gift also....after seeing my flip flops, I think you will!!!! Again, thanks for everything and thanks to The Texas Darlings for hosting this swap!! I can't wait to do another one!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yay!!!!!!! You got them. Girl, they look adorable on your cute painted toesies.

    On a funny note.. I didn't put all those stamps on there. The little post office that we have has to show "stamp sales" to keep it open. I was like go ahead... put 10 dollars worth of stamps on there! :)

    I will do a post on my lovelies soon. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Aw, so jealous you got Amy!! She's one of my favorite bloggy friends and she got some sassy flops/package from you too!! Awesome!!

  3. You guys did so good on exchanging gifts. After seeing all the goodies you gave her, I felt bad about just sending my partner some tub teasers! Lol!

    Have a great day!

  4. So great!!! I love the pink & brown combo and the windchime is fantastic!!

    I am so glad you joined us this year and made a fun bloggy friend!


  5. LOVE those flops! Adorable!

    visiting from me2weest2011.blogspot.com

    come and visit and stick around...

  6. Cute flip flops! Have a great week.


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