Brody's Baptism

Nittany (my sister and brother in laws cat)

Ryan and Kyleigh having a popsicle

The cookies my sister made for the baptism - I put the sugar on top - LOL!!!

Me and my "little" sister on the right

My little sister again...

Kyleigh, Ali and Ryan in the baptism/church clothes...



Kyleigh cleaning up the playroom for Madelyn's visit...

He is loving dancing with his sisters...this is going to be GREAT blackmail later in life!! LOL

Tapping away...

Soooooooooo cute

My brother in law and Ryan waiting for the baptism to begin...

In the hallway at the church with the "little" brother in blue shirt with his wife in purple and holding Brody - our "baby of honor"


  1. Okay, those are some cute tots! I loved their pics. The tap dancing one you can threaten him with later in life? BEST EVER!

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  3. Hello!!!

    I am Amy and looks like I am your FLIP FLIP swap gal!! :)

    Looking forward to getting to know you!!

    Congrats to Brody!! How exciting. :)
    **Can you email me with your addy, please? I may have some questions for ya. :)


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