6 Days Till "Pimpin'"


I may lose half my followers with this post but I hope to convince you to open your minds.....HA!!

I love Kidrock - he is soooo hot and sooooo sweet - I actually met him before a concert in Pgh a few years ago and he is soooooo humble and down to earth I fell in love - really!!!

His cousin passed away from addiction and he sings so many heartfelt and beautiful songs along with the others that I cannot mention!

I am going to the concert with my bestest buddy Sherry and a friend of ours Ed. It is going ot be interesting to see their reactions...I gave them CD's so they knew what they were getting into - HA!!!!

Anyway - 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL KIDROCK - and I know one of my bloggy friends' husband works on Roberts (Kidrocks) car and I would not protest if she showed him this blog post and gave him my address...I live in a condo with a big parking lot so his tour bus would fit JUST FINE!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all and Happy Thursday!


  1. KID ROCK????? Hilarious! You go, girl.
    Sounds like a great time to me!!Have you already picked out your outfit? I am so lame... that would be my first thing to do! HA.

    If I find out that you threw your panties on stage, I will defriend you. ;)

  2. I like a couple of his songs that they play on the radio! Have fun!

  3. Ann, You're fun! I was counting down to U2 on my blog a week ago so I know how you feel. You'll have a great time.

    I like some of his music and he definitely has that quality about him that makes him very appealing :)


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