Pinkalicious in Lancaster!!

Pinkalicious was awesome!!! Gabby Harker (Pink) was awesome!!! We went to the Dutch Apple in Lancaster and the girls LOVED it - as did my sisters and I (the adults in attendance!) What a great show and cast and theater!!! Shout out for the pink cupcakes after the show too!!! If you can get there - the next children's show will be Schoolhouse Rock - should be awesome!!! I used to love that on TV!!!! I was having sooo much fun I did not get a lot of photos but here is what I got!!!

This is Ali waiting for the show to start...

And this is both of the girls waiting - I asked them to smile asnd as you can see Kyleigh now does EXACTLY the opposite of what you ask her - LOL!!!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd - this is my new summer purse!!!!!!! I love it!!!! It is soooooo soft and leathery!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah for new purses!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!!!!


  1. They look so happy lol.

    I need to get a summer purse, I'm still carrying a black one.


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