A new obsession

I suppose I have been living under a rock.

Not sure how I missed the boat on this one but I went to Zumba the other night and we danced to two amazing songs....Gypsy and Waka Waka...

after class I asked the instructor who sang them as I could not wait to rush home and get them on my ipod.

It's Shakira!!!

I have heard the name but never her music.

I had just discounted her as another "Hot Looking" not but so talented performer.

Well, I have been missing out!!!!!!!!

She is amazing!!!!! I love both the songs I listed above and I am playing them over and over and over again!!!!!!! I am belly dancing to Gypsy in my cubicle at work!!!!! AWESOME TUNES!

I can't wait to download her other other songs as I am sure they are amazing too!!!!

Just saying...glad to have found me some Shakira!


  1. I love Shakira's music, too!!

  2. I haven't been to Zumba in about a month. Between the heat and football practice it's just not at the top of my list right now :(


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