Hope all is well with everyone today. HAPPY TUESDAY!
I talked with whats its name last night and realized that there is definitely nothing there to save.
He has used up all my trust in all aspects of our relationship and now he is minimizing everything he did. It is simply time to walk away and find new friends, loves, etc.
The sucky part is really that he WAS my best friend but apparently I was not his.
Addiction sucks! He has been lying and he is now minimizing everything and acting like we can "fix" this. He actually said that he is unsure of why he changed his clean date as he "did not really use hard drugs but just stole some meds from someone and took a few.
It hurts sooo bad to admit this - but there is nothing left to fix. He has smashed it all.
After the past two months of trying to repair the last damage he did, I am definitely tired (sick and tired of trying to fix something that he does not care enough about to stop destroying).
Thing is, for awhile at least, no returning his calls and I HAVE to change my mtgs!
FOCUS ON ME!!!!!!!!!! I deserve someone who loves me and treasures me for the amazing woman I am (If I must say so myself)!!!!


  1. You need two things, both of which you HAVE--Higher Power...and WE (AA members who are IN the program, not ON it.

    And then do not drink NMW, NO.MATTER.WHAT!

    I'm sad for you, but should ne happy
    but you are maybe sad and happy in a given moment also.

    God loves you! And so do lots of other peeps.

  2. You are welcome, Lovely! And deserving.


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