New blog format

I am writing this to explain my new blog format choice.
I love frogs...
the following story is why.
Those of you that know it, know it!!! LOL You know who you are!!!
"Once there were three frogs on a log
One made a decision to jump off.
How many frogs are left???
Those of you who guessed right (the answer is three), you are in the right place!!!


  1. Of course, of course, Ann. I know several frogs who have been telling this little riddle for many years, they've been on that log so long, they have become a physiacl part of it. They are now three wood chips on the log.

    The way some of us have become?

    There used to be a saying, "Don't die on third!" (Baseball AND AA)

    Thanks for the reminders!

  2. Do you notice, it seems like less activity today. Ya think peeps are gettin' out in the yard after work, digging and planting...instead of "snowed in"???


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