Monday - Monday!

Happy Monday to all! I am not sure that I have anything exciting to report at all.

I spent my weekend at "wrap-up" meetings for other meetings and cleaning and STILL waiting for the hummingbirds....

How much fun does that sound like?

I did get ALL my flower pots up around the deck and I will get pics and post those tomorrow.

I am the new Area 60 Newsletter editor and also chairperson for the 2010 D.O.S. YIPPEE!!!

I was supposed to do dinner with a great friend tonight and she just had to cancel so I am now going to go home on time and to Body Pump and ZUMBA classes!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!

I am also back on my strict losing weight plan....

Today is Day 1 and I will weigh in tonight and report back weekly with the MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS is that for positive thinking?!?!??

Just wanna be bikini ready in three months!!!!!!!!


  1. So ya missed dinner? What a way to begin a "weight-loss" plan. Gosh if I could miss breakfast and dinner, I could double my planned losses, and keep up with the stock market!

    "Just wanna be bikini ready in three months!!!!!!!!" Yeah...ME, Too!
    Steve E. -burp!

    We'll be waiting for your updates, girl. thanks for your honesty!

  2. Ya know...I just re-read this blog, and it occurred to me, you listed a bunch of activities you've been doing, and then you say: "How much fun does that sound like?"

    I'll tell ya girl, that sounds like a LOTTA fun--being sober (don't know if you're an alkie, doesn't matter to me), losing weight, and being healthy and BUSY. When I'm "busy" doing what I figure is God's will for me, I am NOTHING but happy, come hell or high water.

    Thanks for visiting steveroni!


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