Late Easter Pic Post

Here it is...finally, Easter pics...

We had an amazing Easter with the whole family except my older sister did not make it with her family. We will ALL be going to see them in a few weeks though.

Here are the pics...

Aunt Kathy and Tim looking Hippoty-Hoppity Happy!!

Aunt Marti and Uncle Matt hangin'.... Poppy and his crosswords...
Mema and her bonnet...
Susie and Steve gettin' some snuggling time with Ali!! Ryan is MIA...
Matt and Aunt Sara chillin' to the new Brittany song....

Mema and her favorite "baby" - Kyleigh is holding her new favorite toy (it was a plastic Dora bunnny with candy inside its head) What will they come up with next!?!?!?

Kyleigh with her new duck beak!!!!! I think she figured this out herself (just biting on a half of a plastic egg shell) - pretty brilliant child hugh?????? Can you tell I am a proud Aunt!?!?!?!

Aunt Annie and Kyleigh (nothing better than a child's laugh)
Kyleigh with her nerd glasses....

Kyleigh and her basket of "loot". Like I said, my older sisters kids could not make it and the twins are too little to collect eggs so this year KYLEIGH SCORED!! Next year, she may not be soooo happy to share those eggs with her baby brother and baby sister!


  1. Always a GREAT joy to see a family enjoy a holiday together...and have SO much fun. And the children in that kind of environment DO have a fighting chance.

    Thank you for sharing your happiness!

  2. Looks like such a fun time with the family. Great pictures! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. Haha.. those are really cute photos. Your niece is pretty and cute, sounds like a really good holiday.. Thanks for sharing. =)


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