It's Friday and final Fish-fry day...:-(

Lent is over all ready!!! No more fish fry's...that stinks!!
Well, since this is the last one and I have to go to the church anyway to set up tonight for the DOS tomorrow, I figured I will volunteer on clean-up committee for the fish fry also.
I guess I will clean and pickup trash from tables and floors, etc. and then help setup for tomorrow.
Believe it or not, after weeks of meetings and planning - I am really excited for the DOS!!!

I just talked with Mindy and she got a new Tom-Tom for her car! I am sooooo excited for her. I love mine and was telling her that I now do not know how I drove without it. Well, actually i do know. It takes me twice as long as everyone else to get anywhere. I have no sence of direction at all and with the Tom-Tom all you have to do is follow the little arrows on the screen!!!! It is the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!! I am finding such quick routes to EVERYWHERE now!!!

If you do not have one and either get lost or always take the long way - I HIGHLY recommend one! They are awesome!!!!!
HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!


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